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Technicians and Equipment Make the Difference

You deserve a team of technicians who can handle any problem at any time. That’s what Accel Auto and Truck Repair deliver. Certified technicians adapt to unforeseen circumstances to provide top-notch repairs. They help customers keep their lives and businesses running smoothly. Properly maintained equipment and skilled technicians allow repairs to go smooth.

Big heavy duty truck

24/7 Towing and Recovery for Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers

Our commercial customers have specific needs, and we work hard to meet them. We’re capable of working on all-size vehicles at the site of the breakdown or towing them from where they broke down to our shop. Our comprehensive heavy-duty truck services are one of the reasons why we’re recognized in the region.

If your truck needs to be fixed, towed, recovered or maintained, we can help you out. We have the personnel & equipment to handle your needs.

We Can Help With

Fleet Repairs

Numerous companies and non-profit organizations trust us to maintain their fleets. We use our extensive knowledge of heavy-duty trucks to ensure our customers' fleet remains in good working order over the long haul. Our technicians perform everything from maintenance to repairs, and we can set up servicing schedules.

Roadside Services

We can perform jump starts and some general repairs on the spot. If that's the case, we can save you a lot of time. Accel Auto and Truck Repair is available 24/7. Fleets and commercial truck drivers can rely on us for repairs no matter the time, which is crucial to maintaining critical delivery schedules.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Not every auto repair shop can boast trucks needed to tow heavy-duty trucks, RVs, and buses. Our machinery is powerful and well-maintained, which allows us to tow commercial vehicles to our shop. More importantly, we offer our towing services through the night and on weekends.

Crane Service

Our Crane Service can pick up and set heavy and tall loads. Our crane can handle loads of 25 tons, 50 tons, and 60 tons. We also do quick swaps in our heavy side diversity. We also have RGN’s & Landoll Trailers Available.

Contact Accel Auto and Truck Repair Today

We want you to feel comfortable bringing your truck to us. As a family-owned and -operated company, we’ve had to build longstanding relationships with our customers based on trust and integrity. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We earn your trust and satisfaction through our commitment to core pillars that drive us during every interaction.

You Can Trust Our Family-Owned Auto Repair Shop